A Journey In Time...

All Saints Anglican Cathedral, Long Beach
346 Termino Ave
Long Beach, CA 90814, USA (map)


Fridays and Saturdays
7:00 PM-9:00 PM
March 29 and 30
April 5 and 6
April 12 and 13
Tours last approximately 20 minutes.

How Much?
It’s free! So is the food!

How would it be if you could travel back in time and walk the streets of Jerusalem on that fateful Good Friday when Jesus died and visit the inhabitants of Jerusalem? Imagine it is 5:15 in the afternoon and Jesus has just been taken down from the cross and buried by Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, and they’re right there for you to talk to. What would you say to them?  How about the Weeping Daughters of Jerusalem? What might they say to you? Would you dare speak to a Roman soldier?

You can, you know. At “Good Friday At 5:15 p.m.” all you have to do is wait for your personal guide who will take you and a small group of other visitors safely on a 20-30 minute tour through the streets of Jerusalem to see some of the very people and places directly linked to the last hours of our Lord’s life.

Visit Fortress Antonia; talk to Simon of Cyrene as he sits in the miller’s shop; see Golgotha firsthand and the tomb where Jesus was just laid. From Roman officials to shop keepers in the street, they are there for you to talk to, ask questions of, or to just listen to as they relate their experiences on that day. You, your family and friends can go through and visit as many times as you like. And it’s free. All you need is the desire to go.